Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Oh how I love a questionnaire! This fun list of questions is today's challenge from the "A Fancy Word for Simple-Alter Ego" blog. I look forward to reading the answers on the the other lovely ladies' blogs!

Here is the link to A Fancy Word for Simple if you want to do the questionnaire yourself. Go for it!

1. Name .....Jennifer
2. Pink ......LOVE IT!!!!! Love it lots in fact.
3. Signature shade of lipstick, lipgloss, etc.....Pink silly!
4. Do you have a best girl friend?....Yes indeed I have a few special women in my life that I would call my best friends. I consider myself VERY lucky to have them in my life too.
5. Do you have a woman mentor? ...No but I wish that I did. :(
6. Are you a woman mentor to someone else? ...No
7. Tomboy or Princess? ...I bit of princess when it comes to primping but I love outdoors stuff too.
8. Favorite Girl Band ...Tori Amos
9. Are you a mom? Do you want to be one? ...I am the proud Mom of a spitfire little boy and also a Fur Mom to 3 dogs and 2 kitties.
10. Do you and your mom have any rituals? ...Shopping til we drop! And we talk on the phone every single day.
11. Fashion magazines - ...Yes please!
12. Do you have a feel good outfit? ...I did before I had my son...still working on getting my bod back. :)
13. Have you called your grandma or special aunt, or special older lady lately? ...No but I just sent my special Aunt a Halloween card today with pics.
14. Signature Scent? Soap...LOL
15. Favorite female tv character ...That is a good one...hmmmm....Wonder Woman!
16. Favorite place to hang out with gal pals? Archivers or any scrappy store
17. Did you ever ditch your girl friends to be with a guy? Do you still? No way
18. Friend you call when you need a laugh? Shauna, Shannon or Danielle
19. Friend you call when you need a shoulder to cry on? Shauna, Shannon or Danielle
20. Have you reminded your friends of how much they mean to you lately? No I need to do that! I try to remind myself that tomorrow is promised to no one. I need to let my friends know that they are so very dear to me.

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Colleen said...

my signature scent is soap too!