Thursday, November 1, 2007

Connections illustrated with photos...

Using photos to illustrate various connections in our lives is todays challenge on Fancy Simple. Angie had mentioned that this theme has been a bit difficult because it can be very personal and can I think she is totally right. Since we've started this theme I've really been thinking about my loved ones and especially those that I've lost touch with. I'm hoping that all this thinking will get me to actually do something about it! Here are my pics:

My little hubby and son. Family connection is SO important to me and I love having my own little family now.
A connection that melts my heart. My Mom and my Son. She wanted to be a Grammy for SO long and the bond they have together is wonderful.
A connection that I miss so my much my heart aches. I had to rehome our Great Dane Isla about six months ago because she and my other female dog started fighting. My pets are like my kids and it nearly killed me to have to find her a new home.
A connection that I am rekindling! I used to do dog sculptures before my son was born and they were so much a part of what made me who I am. I am started to to them again it feels great to be connected to that creative part of myself again.
A connection that is so very special to me. I've been an animal nut my whole life and I feel like I have a very special connection to dogs. My dogs are my furkids and I just love them to death!

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