Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Questions about faith

Today challenge at Fancy Simple includes some very interesting questions about faith. I'm sure they will get everyone thinking!

What is faith? To me faith is a belief in something bigger than yourself.

Who or what has most inspired your faith? My friends and family and my education.

Which celebrity faith craze most intrigues you? Scientology for sure!

What do you do to maintain and/or grow in your faith? I try to take time away from being busy in life to reflect on what is truly important to me.

Who do you have faith in? Love, family, friendship, and goodness in people.

Do you pray? What do you pray about? I don't pray.

How do you share your faith with others? My family and friend talk about our beliefs and faith.

What (or who) prevents you from being faithful? Horrors that happen to people and animals sometimes make me question my faith.

Do you have a faith-related pet peeve? What is it? When people try to convince you that THEIR beliefs are the ones you should believe.

Like the ladies mentioned I think that faith can be a touchy subject but its very intriguing to me to read about what other people believe.


Liz said...

Scientology for sure! Any kind of mystery cult is always the best. I find Scientology intriguing because I have never met anyone who was a Scientologist, lots of other religions, but not that one. Have you?

Jennifer said...

I totally agree liz...Scientology is VERY interesting to me as well and I have never met a Scientologist. I have so many questions I'd LOVE to ask. lol

Sean said...

And you see it's not the basic religions that intrigue me, it's when they get to a state where there are fanatics. Where Catholics justify killing native Americas to help them know god or where Muslims fly planes into buildings thinking that alah will reward the killing of others. I've never met anyone who practices scientology, though the moment I meet Katie Holmes-Cruise, I must admit religion will be the farthest thing from my mind. However I don't see anything ultra intriguing when it comes to that religion. I find it intriguing the news has made such a big deal about it.

Interesting post though. Thank you.