Monday, December 10, 2007

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (the sound of angels singing)

I have THE most giving and thoughtful husband in the world! About a week ago he came home from work completely ecstatic because he had come up with the perfect Christmas gift for me. He usually complains that I am the hardest person to shop for (which is not true btw) so he was thrilled that he had thought of something all by himself. I had instructions not to open any packages that came in the mail (and I didn't even though I was dying to!). He was SO excited to give me the gift that he simply couldn't wait until Christmas. I thought this was incredibly cute and since I loooves me some presents I was happy to oblige him. He handed me the box and when I opened it I heard angels singing! It was my very own CANON REBEL XTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked that I started to shake. I had mentioned the camera to him before in passing and how I hear all about it on lots of scrappy sites. I've read the manual and have a field guide on its way from This camera is a bad mo-fo and I can't wait to learn about all the cool things it can do!

And without further new baby!


deb said...

Wow - that is sweet!!

jadadog said...

Can I send my Santa list to him??? I am so jealous! Lucky gal!!!