Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Review

Here's a little page I did yesterday to highlight a few of the changes in 2007 that affected me the most.
The journaling on the tag says "Really love being a Mom for real...Scrap because I love it...Learn to be my true self". The journaling around the page says "This year I really loved being a Mom. I was too shell shocked to really enjoy it the first year. I scrap because I love to and not because people expect it of me." It is very difficult for me to write about my evolution as a Mom this year because I worry people will think less of me due to my revelation. I loved my son Jackson from the very first minute he was born, but that first year (especially the colic) was tough and it took me a while to feel comfortable in my groove as a Mom. I am totally looking forward to 2008!!


paula clare said...

Hi Jen! Your layout is great...I SO appreciate your "unblinking honesty!" My first grandbaby was born in July, and if my daughter in law will be honest, I think she'd agree with you that the first year is the toughest. LOTS of adjustments to make, yes? But year two (for both my babies) was FAB...no terrible 2s for my boys! Mostly because MOM was SO MUCH more comfortable in her own "mom skin". Hang in there! You're doing great!

BR@NDY said...

The best pages are the hardest ones to create. I think this one is one of your best ones yet, what a great way to start out the year! Happy 2008! I think we should scrap again!