Monday, December 1, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

I read about this wonderful online class of sorts called "Journal Your Christmas" on Jen G's blog and I signed up for it right away. Christmas is my very favorite time of year and I love the idea of doing a special journal for Christmas each year. The first prompt today was about writing a manifesto for our journals. I'm going to jot some stuff down here on my blog and transfer it to my journal once I get my supplies all together.

My Christmas Promise

Christmas is my very favorite time of year and I absolutely love everything about it. I actually get depressed when the holidays are over because everything seems so bare and quiet. I want Christmas to be a special time for Jackson and I want to document all those little things about Christmas that I think I will remember but know I won't. I promise to write a little something about his magical holiday each day and to combine my love of photography and scrapbooking to create a journal to house all the memories. I am so very excited about this!

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