Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Connect the dots....

Continuing with the 'connections' theme at Fancy Simple here are some questions about our connections. Neat stuff!

  • Do you come from a large family? Is your family close in a traditional sense? I have a large extended family but have always lived far away from them (Mom's side in the UP of Michigan and Dad's side in Scotland!). I always wished that our family was closer but it is so hard with the distance. I've only seen most of my relatives in Scotland 5 times in my whole life! Although we did make a big deal of writing letters when I was young.

  • Do you like to throw parties of strange groupings of people? NO! I like to attend parties but I have social anxiety disorder and I would have a really hard time hosting a party with lots of different people.

  • Where do you make most of your connections? Funny enough..online! I actually met my husband on the internet and I've met many of my close friends via the web too.

  • If you wanted to make a new friend, where would you look first? I'm really bad at making new friends but I've met some of my friends through hobbies.

  • Who is your most trusted with a secret connection? Not sure

  • Who is your connection who knows the most people? My BFF Shannon seems to know everyone!

  • Who is your connection that you have lost touch with but would like to rekindle? My best friend from college.

  • Do you make a lot of new connections or stick with your older connections? I'd say a pretty equal mix of each but I have more older connections.

  • Have you ever had to move and start over? Uhh yea like 5 times since I've been married (9 years). Since I've been married I've lived in Utah, Michigan, Cedar Rapids, Ohio and finally Des Moines.

  • Do you believe internet connections are as powerful as real life connections? I certainly hope so since I'm married to on of my internet connections. LOL Yes see above. :)

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